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Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

The Technical Research Centre (TRC) has been established at Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) with support from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), GoI. This in-house multifaceted platform has a mission to provide support to scientists and researchers of JNCASR to achieve translation of research into products and processes for greater economic and societal benefits. TRC at JNCASR strives to achieve the same through:

  1. supporting application-oriented projects to build upon background intellectual properties (IP) developed at JNCASR, and also to create new IP;
  2. bolstering JNCASR-industry partnerships to escalate commercialization of IP developed by JNCASR via out- licensing of IP/know-how, R&D projects directed/sponsored by industry, consulting assignments, and collaborative R&D projects;
  3. creating conducive ecosystem to spin-off technologies/intellectual properties developed by JNCASR through start-ups.

TRC has been providing techno-legal-managerial and financial support to JNCASR scientific community to leverage fundamental scientific breakthroughs and translate them into tangible industrial applications. For example; a research project supported by TRC, is focused on developing a low cost, non-invasive method for HIV diagnosis and other types of infectious diseases using Raman spectroscopy. As another initiative, a low-cost method for management of red palm weevil and rhinoceros beetle in coconut plantations has been licensed to two industrial partners. TRC-funded scientists are also working to help lessen the effects of global warming, by developing an integrated, industrial-scale solution to convert carbon dioxide from industrial sources into valuable products like methanol. Another project, under this theme, deals with thermoelectric (TE) materials and conversion of waste heat to electrical energy. Yet another project aims at developing non-Pt based ordered inter metallic nanoparticles as electrode materials for fuel cell green energy production. Projects and inventions that are currently being supported by TRC at JNCASR are briefly presented in this booklet.

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